AGENDA DAY 1 – Friday 12th July 2019

09:30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Awaiting Confirmation

SESSION 1 – Cannabis Regulatory Intelligence 

10:00 Blair Gibbs (Policy Lead, CMC, Centre for Medicinal Cannabis) – Medical Cannabis & CBD Products in the UK, Quality, Responsibility and Transparency

10:30 Mark Taylor (Compliance and Regulatory Journalist) – The European Regulatory Framework for CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis and appetite amongst European regulators and the banking sector to provide support to the industry

11:00 Golan Bitton (CEO, Univo Pharmaceuticals) and Ehud Olmert (Univo Pharmaceuticals) – Israel Regulatory Standards Vs European Standards

11:30 Dr. Mark Tallon, LLM MA PhD (Managing Director, Legal Foods Ltd.) – Cannabidiol: The UK Legal Framework

12:00 Tim Phillips (Managing Director, CBD Intel) – Regulatory & Market Intelligence for the CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Sector

12:30 Panel Discussion – European Regulations, Insights & Opportunities – Where are we now? The Future of Cannabis and CBD – Chaired by Karina Lahnakoski – VP of Quality & Regulatory, Cannabis Compliance Inc. 

Blair Gibbs – Policy Lead, CMC, Centre for Medicinal Cannabis
Sal Noble
 – CEO, London Canna Group

George McBride CEO, Hanway Associates
Eveline Van Keymeulen – Counsel, Allen and Overy
Awaiting Confirmation

13:15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Awaiting Confirmation

SESSION 2 – Cannabinoid Development Strategies

13:45 Patrick Morton (Co-Founder, Cannabis Invest UK) – Investing in Cannabinoids, cultivation, product development, branding and distribution.

14:15 Oliver Zugel (Founder and CEO, Foliumed) – Making CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis affordable: How Emerging Markets will disrupt the global supply chain

14:45 Dr. Monica Vialpando (Founder, Vialpando LLC) – CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Formulation & Product Development Strategies

15:15 Josh Crossney (CEO, Cannabis Science Conference)

SESSION 3 – The Necessity of Cannabis Testing

15:45 Tracy Szerszon (President, Perry Johnson Lab Accreditation Inc)

16:15 Dr Richard Hodgson (LC Technical Specialist, Shimadzu) – Determination of CBD and General Cannabinoid Content in Hemp Oils

16:45 Daniel McMillan (Sr. Manager, SCIEX) – Optimizing Cannabis Testing with Mass Spectrometry

17:15 Panel Discussion – Emerging Markets and International Trends – International Insights, Opportunities and Investment – Chaired by Stephen Murphy (CEO, Prohibition Partners)

Golan Bitton – CEO, Univo Pharmaceuticals (Israel)

Oliver Zugel – Founder and CEO, Foliumed (Columbia)

Michael Patterson CEO, US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC (USA)

Costas VamvakasManaging Director, VK PREMIUM Business Consultants Ltd. (Greece)

Mait SoosaluAdvance Biotech Laboratories (Sweden AB)

AGENDA DAY 2 – Saturday 13th July 2019

10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr. Zeid Mohamedali (Chief Medical Officer, Zenabis)

SESSION 1 – A Guide to CBD, Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis

10:30 Dr. Dani Gordon MD (Author, ABIHM, ABIOM) – CBD & Cannabinoids for Everyone

11:00 Prof. Ram Reifen MD, MSc Nut, MBA (Director, the Research Centre for Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

11:30 Gregor Zorn (Director and Co-Founder, ECTA, European Cannabinoid Therapy Association) – Pure CBD, Cannabinoids Vs Whole Plant Preparations

12:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Carolina Koutras (Director, Clinical Science, Aurora Cannabis Inc.)

SESSION 2 – Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Concepts, Misconceptions & Evidence

12:30 M H Sodergren MBChB (Clinical Lecture in Surgery, Imperial College London) – Medical Cannabis, From Bench to Bedside

13:00 Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan (Professor, University of Nottingham) – Haemodynamic effects of Cannabidiol in humans

13:30 Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek (Counselor to the Director National Institute of Biology, Slovenia) – Research on Cannabis in Cancer

14:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Prof. Mike Barnes (Chief Medical Officer, ECH, European Cannabis Holdings)

14:30 Panel Discussion – Medical Cannabis Access and Patient Care – Chaired by Prof. Mike Barnes (Chief Medical Officer, ECH, European Cannabis Holdings)

Irit Avisar Chairperson, Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association
Hannah Deacon Patient Advocate, End Our Pain
Basia Zieniewicz
 – Co-Founder, Families 4 Access 

Charlotte & Billy Caldwell Patient Advocate, Families 4 Access
Carly Barton – Patient Advocate, United Patients Alliance

SESSION 3 – Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Patient Care

15:15 Irit Avisar (Chairperson, Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association)

15:45 Zohar Koren Phd (CEO, SciCann Therapeutics Inc.) – Novel synergistic cannabinoid combinations for the treatment of IBS and IBD patients

16:15 Alex Fraser (Patient Access Specialist, Grow Biotech)

16:45 Panel Discussion – Women – The Future of Cannabis – Chaired by Kristina Spionjak (Marketing Director, London Canna Group)

Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan – Professor, University of Nottingham

Dr. Dani Gordon MD – Author, ABIHM, ABIOM

Dr. Monica Vialpando – Founder, Vialpando LLC

Joanna Weaver-Pélissier – CEO, BeCann

Jasmine Thomas – Founder, Ohana CBD

Carolina Koutras – Director, Clinical Science, Aurora Cannabis Inc.

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