AGENDA DAY 1 – Friday 12th July 2019

09:30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Awaiting Confirmation

SESSION 1 – Cannabis Regulatory Intelligence 

10:00 Blair Gibbs (CMC Centre for Medicinal Cannabis) – Medical Cannabis & CBD Products in the UK, Quality, Responsibility and Transparency

10:30 Mark Taylor (Regulatory Journalist) – The European regulatory framework for CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis and appetite amongst European regulators and the banking sector to provide support to the industry

11:00 Golan Bitton (UNV Medical) – Israel Regulatory Standards Vs European Standards

11:30 Dr. Mark Tallon, LLM MA PhD (Legal Foods Ltd.) Cannabidiol: The UK Legal Framework

12:00 Tim Phillips (CBD Intel) – Regulatory & Market Intelligence for the CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Sector

12:30 Panel Discussion – European Regulations, Insights & Opportunities – Where are we now? The Future of Cannabis and CBD – Chaired by Awaiting Confirmation

Blair Gibbs – Centre for Medicinal Cannabis
Sal Noble
– London CBD Group

George McBride – Hanway Associates
Eveline Van Keymeulen – Allen and Overy
Awaiting Confirmation – VolteFace Representative

13:15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Awaiting Confirmation

SESSION 2 – The Necessity of Cannabis Testing

13:45 Dr Richard Hodgson (Shimadzu) – Determination of CBD and General Cannabinoid Content in Hemp Oils

14:15 Daniel McMillan (SCIEX) – Optimizing Cannabis Testing with Mass Spectrometry

14:45 Awaiting Confirmation – Variability in Cannabis Test Results

SESSION 3 – Cannabinoid Development Strategies

15:15 Patrick Morton (Cannabis Invest UK) – Investing in Cannabinoids, cultivation, product development, branding and distribution.

15:45 Oliver Zugel (Foliumed) – Making CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis affordable: How Emerging Markets will disrupt the global supply chain

16:15 Dr. Monica Vialpando (Vialpando LLC) – CBD, Cannabinoids and Medicinal Cannabis Formulation & Product Development Strategies

16:45 Jim Yiannios (Cannasphere Biotech)Lipofusion™: Biotech & The Future of CBD

17:15 Panel Discussion – Emerging Markets and International Trends – International Insights, Opportunities and Investment – Chaired by Stephen Murphy (CEO, Prohibition Partners)

Golan Bitton – UNV Medical

Oliver Zugel – Foliumed

Awaiting Confirmation

Awaiting Confirmation

Awaiting Confirmation

AGENDA DAY 2 – Saturday 13th July 2019

10:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr. Zeid Mohamedali (Chief Medical Officer, Zenabis)

SESSION 1 – A Guide to CBD, Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis

10:30 Dr. Dani Gordon MD (Author, ABIHM, ABIOM) – CBD & Cannabinoids for Everyone

11:00 Prof. Ram Reifen MD, MSc Nut, MBA (Director, the Research Centre for Nutrigenomics and Functional Foods, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

11:30 Gregor Zorn (ECTA) – Pure CBD, Cannabinoids Vs Whole Plant Preparations

SESSION 2 – Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Concepts, Misconceptions & Evidence

12:00 Awaiting Confirmation

12:30 Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan (University of Nottingham) – Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with reference to Diabetes & Obesity

13:00 Irit Avisar (Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association)

13:30 M H Sodergren MBChB (Imperial College London) – Medical Cannabis, From Bench to Bedside

14:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Prof. Mike Barnes (Chief Medical Officer, ECH)

14:30 Panel Discussion – Medical Cannabis Access and Patient Care – Chaired by Prof. Mike Barnes

Irit Avisar – Israeli Medical Cannabis Nurses Association
Hannah Deacon – End Our Pain
Basia Zieniewicz
– Cann Talks 

Charlotte & Billy Caldwell – Families 4 Access
Awaiting ConfirmationUnited Patients Alliance

SESSION 3 – Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies of Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Patient Care

15:15 Awaiting Confirmation

15:45 Awaiting Confirmation

16:15 Awaiting Confirmation

16:45 Panel Discussion – Women – The Future of Cannabis – Chaired by Awaiting Confirmation

Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan – University of Nottingham
Dr. Dani Gordon MD – Author, ABIHM, ABIOM
Dr. Monica Vialpando – Vialpando LLC
Joanna Weaver-Pélissier – BeCann
Jasmine Thomas – Ohana CBD

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