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Europe CBD Expo 2019 Session Formats

Navigating the Europe CBD Expo can seem daunting due to the extensive amount of programming and activities held over two days. To help you plan your visit to Europe CBD Expo we created this mini guide.

During the Expo we will have several different session formats, here is their breakdown so you can navigate the Expo at ease.

Europe CBD Expo 2019 Session Formats

Individual Talks

Individual talks are presentations that feature experts in the research, development, and distribution of CBD products in 30 minutes long individual presentations followed by audiences Q&A’s.

Keynotes and Panels

Keynotes are the hearth of the Europe CBD Expo and present some of the cannabis industries’ most inspired thinkers. These diverse visionaries cover a wide range of compelling topics and embody the integrity, transparency, quality and entrepreneurial drive that Europe CBD Expo cultivates.

To check confirmed 2019 Keynotes please visit schedule.

Panels will discuss some of the most transformative ideas of today that are shaping cannabis industry.

Speed Networking Sessions

Speed Networking Sessions present a fundamental and relaxed way to make connections within the Europe CBD Expo community while mixing. Thousands of attendees are coming to Europe CBD Expo looking for new ideas, new collaborators, and an opportunity to create essential connections. Speed Networking Sessions facilitate the forging of these connections in two minutes!

Mentor Sessions

These 1-2-1 mentoring sessions provide the chance for attendees to schedule face time with professionals from all aspects of the cannabis industries. Attendees will be provided the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one meetings, lasting 15 minutes each, through the event app. Advance sign-up is required, access is limited to first come first served basis and availability of mentors.

Influencer Lounge

The Influencer Lounge will feature influencers from wellness, lifestyle, cannabis, CBD space – giving special tickets holders a chance to meet them in person.

Expert Workshops

Workshops offer hands-on, in-depth, advanced level information that revolves around a specific topic or skill and enables Europe CBD Expo attendees to gain more expertise in their particular area of interest. Workshops last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the particular session. Advance sign-up is required and access is limited to ticket type. Sign-up information will be released in March so stay tuned!

Attend Europe CBD Expo 2019

So, are we going to see you in July?

Get your tickets and reserve your hotel today to attend Europe CBD Expo 2019. Experience these sessions along with 2 days of showcases, exhibitions, networking, and more this July 12-13 at ExCeL London.

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How to Be Best at Europe CBD Expo 2019

Putting your best foot forward at a trade show is extremely important for your business. Especially at a show like Europe CBD Expo where there’s so much on agenda, and businesses competing for attendees time, energy, and most importantly, their attention. Here are a few of top tips from the Europe CBD Expo’s marketing team on how to get the attendees attention.

Be Different – Stand Out From the Crowd

With Europe CBD Expo being a hybrid consumer and B2B event you have an opportunity to be extremely creative, boost your stand and get noticed. Serving CBD infused waffles or water will certainly attract people to your stand.

Having a creative game that can engage or educate attendees and have them talk about it on social media is always a great idea.

Face of Your Brand

There’s really nothing worse that walking up to a stand and having bored looking people just standing there, not reaching out or engaging with anyone. And even worse, having a group of people working the stand who are just standing around talking to each other and ignoring the attendees. You need to ensure to have people who are naturally engaging, and make others feel both welcome and at ease. You need someone who can deliver your pitch well in an educational manner without appearing too salesy. People person keen to share benefits of your product that genuinely cares about people is your perfect candidate.

Make it All About the Attendees

When thinking of products to giveaway at your stand to visitors some will grab more attention than the others. If you can make the product giveaway about the attendees while at the same time capturing their data (in a GDPR compliant way) then you’ve got a double whammy. Vogue magazine has done this amazingly well at their Fashion festival, where they were offering visitors to be on the cover of the magazine which was created then and there as well as sent out to their email address for sharing on social media.

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Behind the Scenes of Europe CBD Expo

A lot of magic and hard work goes into making Europe CBD Expo the ultimate destination for the CBD industry. From a world-class brands to star-studded speakers and panels that aim to educate and inspire, our entire team is dedicated to making Europe CBD Expo e a truly unique experience for all attendees.

Transparency and Quality

And with Transparency and Quality being two of our core values, it’s been our priority to guarantee the exceptional offer we provide to international buyers, and it participates in our success and renown towards professionals in the industry.

That’s why, in preparing for event like Europe CBD Expo we work closely with our employees, exhibitors, and partners to identify the ever-changing needs of our attendees.

We are all tirelessly committed to making Europe CBD Expo the place to come, start, build and grow your CBD business.

With so many brands out there that do not meet these requirements, retailers and independent buyers have problems finding trusted brands. The Europe CBD Expo was conceived out of the need for finding CBD brands and products that match quality, legal requirements, technical know-how, performance and reputation required to be sold on the UK market.

‘’Europe CBD Expo is everything the CBD industry needs, a venue with only reputable and credible CBD brands, that also focuses on educating consumers and businesses who sell CBD to ensure everyone can understand CBD and its benefits. We understand that there are many stigmas around the industry and that sourcing quality CBD products is an issue businesses face when trying to bring CBD products to their store. That’s why we will be testing exhibitors’ products, through random selection, using an independent laboratory to ensure our exhibitors legitimacy and full compliancy within the UK legal requirements.

Guaranteed exceptional offer

We think the hybrid business/consumer format of the event is sure to appeal to a wide range of attendees and bring some much-needed attention to the CBD options that so many consumers want to learn about. You will leave the Europe CBD Expo with new understanding to help inform your next steps as a consumer, supplier, manufacturer or retailer of CBD products.’’ – Sal Noble producer of Europe CBD Expo and founder and CEO of London CBD Group

Call for Speakers – Europe CBD Expo 2019

As a speaker at the Europe CBD Expo 2019, you have the great opportunity to share experience and knowledge to help remove the stigma around the industry, to raise critical questions, elevate outcomes and ensure open and factual dialogue across the CBD field which is crucial now more than ever.

Sessions are 30 minutes each. Speakers will receive a complimentary registration to the Expo, number of free tickets, a blog post, inclusion in Exhibitors guide, profile on the speakers list, offer sent out to visitor/exhibitors, discounted floor space, mentioned in expo marketing – where appropriate and applicable, 2 dedicated mentioned on social media, inclusion in suitable press releases, logo and click through to website.

Some of the topics we will be covering but not limited to are:
• Legal and Regulatory Updates
• Emerging Market Updates in Europe and internationally
• CBD products and Cannabinoids
• Industry education and training
• Dosage and administration
• Health benefits & potential side effects
• Any importantCBD industry topics you don’t see elsewhere

• Presentations should last between 20-30 minutes (depending on the topic and structure of the session), followed by Q&A from the audience. You must be an expert on the subject. The selection team will also be looking for in-depth workshop and panel-style sessions and may ask that you alter your presentation to fit a different format or similar topic.
• The session must be direct and not for promoting any products or services but instead educate the audience.
• We are looking for a diverse lineup of speakers including: both those who have spoken at cannabis or CBD events in the past and those who have not, speakers covering a diverse range of topics.
• We work very closely on content with all selected speakers which may require revisions during the process that present the content in the best way possible for the audience.

Complete this form if you are interested in sharing your voice at the Europe CBD Expo.
Before filling out your online application, we recommend you save your answers in a word document in case there are any technical difficulties during the submission process.

You will receive an email confirmation once your application is submitted (check your spam or junk folders for the confirmation). If you do not receive a confirmation email please resubmit your application on different browser.

If you use a new browser and still do not receive a confirmation email please contact Kristina Spionjak at

Dine with CEO at London CBD Group: Succeeding in the cannabidiol industry

Enjoy dinner drinks and a chance to meet…
Sal Noble is CEO and co-founder of London CBD Group, a comprehensive consultancy that helps entrepreneurs start, run and grow their cannabidiol (CBD) businesses through brand consulting, retail, wholesale, and e-commerce and Europe CBD Expo. London CBD Group aims to empower both local communities and businesses in the UK with the correct knowledge and expertise about CBD, providing businesses and consumers with up to date information regarding new products, research advances and legal implications concerning CBD. Sal will be sharing all on succeeding in the CBD industry.

This dinner is perfect for…
Entrepreneurs or C-level interested in launching, growing or scaling their CBD business.
If you’d like to join but don’t fall neatly within the above categories, please email us at to discuss whether this is the right dinner for you. Also feel free to check out our other dinners as another might match you perfectly!

The dinner conversation will be…
Sal has valuable lessons to share about negotiating business pitfalls, industry transparency, developing customer relationships, maximising opportunities and having the resilience to see your CBD business succeed. Sal is committed to the development and education of entrepreneurs and consumers on CBD, so this is a great opportunity to hear from Sal, who will share all on:
✓ Maximising the opportunities that exist within the cannabidiol industry.
✓ Why CBD is a fast-expanding global industry.
✓ Key factors that will help you to build and grow a successful CBD business.
✓ Removing the stigma around CBD.
Expect to hear from Sal on what is currently cutting edge in the CBD industry sector, to leave with ideas and inspiration for your own CBD business, as well as the opportunity to speak to others facing similar industry challenges and opportunities as you informally over dinner.

Who is Sal Noble?
Sal Noble, CEO and co-founder of London CBD Group. Sal has a wealth of experience across all areas of setting up a business in the CBD industry – from inception, strategy, sales, operations, finance, marketing, product development, wholesale, distribution, retail operations. Sal has also successfully co-started two retail stores in the heart of Shoreditch; Noble Vaping and Noble CBD Dispensary, has sold number of CBD brands into health stores, pharmacies and specialist stores, as well as helping entrepreneurs set up their own shops. London CBD Group has also created Europe CBD Expo, the first international CBD summit.

What’s included?
You get a private dining experience with a knowledgeable speaker, 2 course dinner with wine or 2 soft drinks plus highly curated and relevant crowd. This is a dinner, not a dropin event, so we ask that guests turn up on time and don’t leave until after the Q&A.


P.S. TableCrowd are offering complimentary cab rides home (£15) thanks to their partner, Gett, on first download of the app. Download the app in advance.

To book your place at this TableCrowd event please click here.

On using video marketing

Today we chat with Suds and Btisam about video marketing and how businesses can take advantage of this ever-growing platform especially throughout expos.

Suds is the founder of London-based video production company, Interesting Content and has helped create 100’s compelling video campaigns for a range of clients, from recognised brands such as Cornerstone, Razor Research, Gemba Group, dotdigital, Cheapflights, Opogo, Itsu, Ometria, F&F Tesco as well as various SMEs throughout the UK.

Here, Suds and the company’s marketing manager Btisam share their top tips and advice on how businesses can build an effective video marketing campaign and get the most value from this lucrative platform.

Participation Criteria

All the Europe CBD Expo exhibitors must match quality, legal requirements, technical know-how, performance and reputation criteria studied by a Selection Committee, which validates new exhibitors on its own though rigorous lab testing, compliance and reputation evaluation. This requirement guarantees the exceptional offer we provide to international buyers, and it participates in our success and renown towards professionals in the industry.

Selection Criteria

Europe CBD Expo is a selective event. Access to the expo is restricted to companies who create, produce and sell CBD products, companies offering services to the CBD industry, companies whose files have been accepted by one of our Selection Committees, who are there to ensure the constant enrichment of the expo’s overall offer. Meeting one or several of the criteria mentioned below is not sufficient for a file to be accepted. Applicants must refer to and provide information pertaining to each criteria in their applications.

The following criteria are taken into account in the selection process:


Applicants must help strengthen the pertinence of the expo’s offer for each market segment represented in the show. To be selected your product needs to pass an independent laboratory testing. We are testing CBD levels, full unique terpene profile and test for microbiological contamination, heavy metals and pesticides.


The selected company must provide such services as are pertinent to a complex, targeted and international market. Criteria such as short deadlines, reduced order minimums and special developments will be considered positively in the selection process, without being sufficient for a dossier to be accepted.


Whatever its country of origin, the company must be satisfactorily capable of addressing the global demand for products and production as expressed at the expo.


The applicant companies shall not be involved in known litigation with the reputable exhibitors and/or buyers at Europe CBD Expo. The company must be supported by a portfolio of clients and suppliers, who themselves enjoy top international reputations.


Applicants must demonstrate a legal and operational existence.


Companies that do not respect the social and environmental criteria commonly agreed upon by the major decision-making bodies (EU, etc.) cannot be selected.

First-Time Exhibitors: Here’s What You Need to Know about the Europe CBD Expo

Making the Most Out of Exhibiting at the Europe CBD Expo

(10 minute read)

The first Europe CDB Expo is fast approaching and we are filling up the available spaces pretty fast! We realise the trade show can be a lot to take in for first-time exhibitors — it is our largest event after all — so we reached out to our marketing director Kristina and digital marketing officer Mohammed, to give you the inside scoop.

What is the Europe CBD Expo?

Europe CBD Expo is the first and only Hybrid Business and Consumer Event and conference dedicated entirely to CBD in London, UK. Open to the public on Saturday 13th of July 2019, Europe CBD Expo will feature more than 80 exhibitors, along with a large lineup of presentations and panel discussions from experts in the production, distribution and sale of CBD products. Europe CBD Expo will also feature a CBD Link Educational and Networking Area. Europe CBD Expo aim is to educate attendees and remove the stigma surrounding CBD.

What sets the Europe CBD Expo apart from other shows?

We take security, compliance and quality seriously and are the only expo that has randomly selected products from every exhibitor and have them tested by an independent laboratory. Europe CBD Expo offers exposure to the widest scope of registrants at the intersection of technology and creativity, which allows clients to hit multiple target markets for the budget of a single activation. In addition, we can offer exhibitors full marketing and operational support through the planning and onsite production, alleviating some of the stress.

What can a first-time exhibitor do to have a successful exhibition?

Proper planning is the first step to a successful activation at Europe CBD Expo. Exhibitors will receive helpful tools, including marketing and PR guides, show timelines, social media content, graphics, a list of common production expenses, and contact information for recommended local vendors. Also keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter which includes reminders for upcoming discount deadlines and other important logistical information about the show.

Pre-Event Preparations

Set Your Objectives & Timeline

The first step in planning your trade show success is to set effective and realistic trade show objectives and related measurements. Once these have been defined and you have a framework in place, the rest of your show should fall comfortably into place. Choosing the right measurement tools will enable you to draw the correct and actionable conclusions following your trade show performance.

Three Months to Show

Decide On Show Objectives

Why are You Exhibiting?

  • Brand/Product introduction
  • Developing new customers
  • Generating press awareness

What are Your Objectives?

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____

What is Your Ideal Outcome?

How Many Stockists/Buyers/Partners do You Hope to Gain?

How will You Measure Your Results?

  • Number of Leads
  • Investment per Lead
  • ROI

Establishing the Budgets

  • Stand design, staff outlay, pre-show advertising, PR & marketing materials (print, design, production, product catalog etc.)

Prepare Lists of Potential Buyers/Partners/Press for E-mail and Snail Mail Distribution

  • Learn more about potential buyers likes and dislikes as soon as you can. This will be useful feedback to help you with the communication plan.
  • Schedule E-mailings for potential buyers/partners to go on a fortnightly basis

Plan and Write Your Press Packs

  • Make it clear and easy to read including compact and concise information about your company (contact details, website address and social media), and services/products provided, taking care to highlight anything that makes your company look special, stand out and clearly differentiate from competitors.  Remember that the single most important purpose of a press pack is to pique the interest of the journalist and compel them to come to you for more information. Where appropriate, include a branded memory stick with high and low resolution promotional images attached with a contact sheet attached.
  • Select Targeted Publications for Pre-Show Publicity – Schedule Distribution/Pitches/Advertising.

Prepare E-mailing Content

  • MailChimp is a wonderful audience engagement tool that and very useful for newsletters

Prepare Buyers Pack – Order Forms, Price Lists, T&C’s, Offers and Incentives etc.

Prepare Marketing Content

Send all marketing materials to print

Send ad proofs to publications – if you are planning on running any

Schedule Advertising

  • You will gain the best results through advertising in pre-show and post show issues
  • Also consider online advertising and product/brand spotlights

Two Months to Show

Send Save the Date’s by post

Follow up Calls to All Potential Buyers

Arrange Appointments

One Month to Show

Make Sure All Marketing Materials are Ready

Stand Design/Decoration Finalised

Decide on Products to Take

Hotel/Accommodation Arranged

Staff Scheduled

Wardrobe Chosen

Appointments Confirmed with Prospective Clients

The Show

  1. Engage: 30 seconds -
Prepare and practice questions that won’t receive a yes or no answer.
  2. Qualify: 2 minutes – Determine if the prospect is worth presenting to … and what to present.
  3. Present: 10 minutes
- Cater specifically to the prospect’s needs and not everything you know. Prepare for common objections and questions.
  4. Close: 1 minute -
Lead card complete? Agree on the next step and go on to the next lead!

Network & Socialise

The Europe CBD Expo is not only a great networking opportunity, but also a super way to garner inspiration from fellow colleagues working in the CBD trade. Don’t be shy. Make introductions and share your favourite finds – the more people you know in the industry the better you will enjoy your days away.

Press Packs

Prepare about 20 copies of Press & Media Packs to be available for the press. Be as creative and innovative as you can, but should contain mostly written copy and images of your company and most recent and new products. The nicer and more useful (well written) your press pack is, the better. You do want them to take it away and remember you after all!

After the Show

Always send a thank-you note to your visitors and the event organisers. Politesse is genuinely appreciated, free and very easy. Use these notes as an opportunity to boost your social media activity if it is done via your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn social media channels.

Follow Up All Opportunities

Follow all your leads however apparently hopeless or fleeting they may appear to be, even if it is only to say ‘Thank you for visiting’ and to let them know that you would be open to any cooperation opportunities in future. Use it as an opportunity to slip in extra value with your email or a call (discounts, new offers, new collections or whatever could be relevant to that potential customer). An opportunity not followed is an opportunity lost.

Keep Your Promises

People remember others who keep their word, especially when it is far too easy to lose track amongst all the mass of electronic media created during these shows, so it helps to be organised (like keeping a ‘promise book’ to keep track) and make sure you follow up. The sooner you get back to them, the sooner you will know if you have new friends and customers. Build on your existing contact detail database and add any helpful notes to the visitor’s card such as if they request brochures or any other follow up activities after the expo.

Measure Your Own Success Post-Show

This should occur as soon as the show wraps up. First, evaluate how successful your efforts have been during the show and second, use these metrics to compare your performance over the following months to see how well you have taken advantage of the show and turned it in to sustained sales. The longer you leave this the less useful it will be and opportunities are likely to be wasted.

There are multiple means of measuring your success, the top three most important being: 1) the number of potential new opportunities; 2) contacts made; 3) sale volumes. Don’t expect miracles overnight as effects can take some time for business opportunities to filter through into quantifiable success.

Neither forget to run a ‘lessons learned’ exercise and direct feedback received from visitors and others from the show to help you find out what to improve for the next time.

Use Your Expo Media

You’ve made all the effort of taking pictures, making short videos, writing about the new and interesting things at the show, so make sure your share it all effectively through your blog and your own social media channels to engage more with your visitors by showing your fair activities.  Collect, collect and collect.  You will not be able to use everything you have created or seen, but you may well find this material useful in future for PR and your next pitch.

Interested in exhibiting? Request more information here.

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