Exhibitor Spotlight: Flower Farm

FLOWER FARM is an Italian company that produces and markets products based on hemp with a high content of cbd. Our products derive from Italian indoor and greenhouse cultivations with certifications that attest to the whole supply chain, from the origin to the cultivation methods, from the lack of chemical additives to hand harvest.Thanks to the high quality of the product, Flower Farm has become in a very short time, one of the leading companies on the Italian market and is also expanding rapidly in the international ones.

Today we have a huge portfolio of national and international clients in almost all the main destinations: Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, England, Poland, and Greece. We have also a series of mono-brand stores in: Milan, Madrid, Rimini, Modena, Napoli, Ibiza. Also, a new e-commerce dedicated exclusively to the UK market will soon be launched. That is not all! 
We are so proud to announce the birth of Flower Pharm, based on the production of functional cosmetics based on CBD and terpenes. Products are made in collaboration with University of Reggio Emilia and one of the most important Doctor-Researcher in the Italian Cannabis industry. 

Finally, we introduce in Flower Factory, our high high-tech production site. It’s a multifunctional system, based on modules that can be converted to meet the demand of an evolving market, with areas for flowering, production of cuttings and maintenance of genetic strains of strategic importance. Is the first company in Italy to be able to offer a certified product, grown in a controlled environment. In addition to the offices and a meeting room, Flower Factory also hosts the entire sterile enveloping chain and guarantee quality from the producer to the final customer. 

Ready to meet us?
You will also find our English presentation company, our logo and some pics of our products.
Here our website: https://www.byflowerfarm.com and visit us at ECE stand #F20.

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