How to Be Best at Europe CBD Expo 2019

Putting your best foot forward at a trade show is extremely important for your business. Especially at a show like Europe CBD Expo where there’s so much on agenda, and businesses competing for attendees time, energy, and most importantly, their attention. Here are a few of top tips from the Europe CBD Expo’s marketing team on how to get the attendees attention.

Be Different – Stand Out From the Crowd

With Europe CBD Expo being a hybrid consumer and B2B event you have an opportunity to be extremely creative, boost your stand and get noticed. Serving CBD infused waffles or water will certainly attract people to your stand.

Having a creative game that can engage or educate attendees and have them talk about it on social media is always a great idea.

Face of Your Brand

There’s really nothing worse that walking up to a stand and having bored looking people just standing there, not reaching out or engaging with anyone. And even worse, having a group of people working the stand who are just standing around talking to each other and ignoring the attendees. You need to ensure to have people who are naturally engaging, and make others feel both welcome and at ease. You need someone who can deliver your pitch well in an educational manner without appearing too salesy. People person keen to share benefits of your product that genuinely cares about people is your perfect candidate.

Make it All About the Attendees

When thinking of products to giveaway at your stand to visitors some will grab more attention than the others. If you can make the product giveaway about the attendees while at the same time capturing their data (in a GDPR compliant way) then you’ve got a double whammy. Vogue magazine has done this amazingly well at their Fashion festival, where they were offering visitors to be on the cover of the magazine which was created then and there as well as sent out to their email address for sharing on social media.

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