Alex Fraser

, Patient Access Specialist, Grow Biotech

Alex was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 19 years old whilst studying Music at Sussex University in 2010. He was offered cannabis at a party and immediately noticed his symptoms subside.
Four years of personal research into Crohn’s, medical cannabis and immune disorders led him to join other prominent patient activists to form The United Patients Alliance in 2014. The UPA has since become the UK’s leading medical cannabis advocacy organisation.
In just four years Alex has represented medical cannabis patients at meetings with MP’s from all major parties & has appeared on ITV’s this morning in 2016, on the BBC News in 2017 and News Beat on The BBC in 2018.
Alex’s work has led him to tell his story and speak publicly about medical cannabis at many events across the UK, Europe and the world.
Alex set up his own cannabis consultancy The Patient Approach in the summer of 2018 before being head-hunted by UK Cannabis company Grow Biotech in early 2019 where he is now working as the Patient Access Specialist to facilitate the import, distribution and integration of cannabis medicines into the UK medical systems.