Jade Proudman

PANEL DAY 2, MA, PgCert PgDip

After suffering with ill health for a number of years, Jade found herself in life-limiting circumstances. She spent 3 years in and out of the hospital and underwent a number of emergency, complex surgeries which resulted in complications. She has had to say her goodbyes to her husband and children on two occasions.

Jade’s health declined to the point that her husband, Leslie, had to become her carer. She became house-bound, was unable to walk unaided or eat food without assistance. Jade was prescribed 19 prescription drugs daily to manage chronic pain, epilepsy, her diseased gut, and fatigue. Jade was so dependent on Morphine and Codeine for pain relief, her quality of life was so bad that she didn’t want to be alive anymore. She requested that her Husband assist her in administering medication to allow her to pass peacefully. Leslie refused. Instead, together they watched the documentary ‘WEED’ with Dr.Sanjay Gupta which shifted the focus onto cannabinoid therapy. Managing to get access to some quality CBD oil, to their delight, Jade was Morphine free in 48 hrs.

Supply in the UK was unreliable, and Jade discovered she was one of many consumers that had parted with money to buy CBD without delivery of the product. She took matters into her own hands and founded Savage Cabbage, a family runs a business that imports and retails CBD products to the people she knew so desperately needed access.