Mait Soosalu

, Advance Biotech Laboratories

Mait Soosalu was born into a family of doctors and veterinarians, always had a keen interest in health and fitness. He started out working in the bar/restaurant business for many years and went on to work for a large spirit/liquor importer in Sweden. During these 10 years he became an avid traveller and worked in many different countries, he finally moved back to Sweden and started his own business. After he first started an organic foods company, he came across hemp and CBD and this straight away took him on a patch of learning more about extraction technology. Hemp and CBD was also a deeply personal thing for him as he had struggled his whole life with ADHD symptoms, and hemp/cbd oil was a tremendous relief and helped him balance his personal and professional life. These last 4 years with hemp/cannabis has been a fantastic journey for Mait, the greatest wisdom and knowledge has come from ancient alchemy which is both a philosophical/spiritual practice as it is an operative lab practice.