There are so many expos out there – Which one should I attend?


The foremost essential thing to consider when deciding which expo is perfect for you to attend is to ask yourself what it is that you are looking to get out of it. Some expos will have a more educational focus, some will push the buying and selling of products and others provide great networking platforms. Being clear on your reason for attending will help you to decide which expo will best satisfy your needs and leave you walking away feeling fulfilled.


Doing your research about the company is key to gaining an insight into what can be expected from their event. Looking at company values and the motifs behind an expo will give away a lot about what you are likely to experience. It is important that a company is transparent and authentic with their audience. If things seem vague or you are left unsure about what the company is setting out to do, chances are they are unclear themselves.


Looking out for the announcement of speakers, sponsors, partners and exhibitors will be extremely useful in helping you to decide if an expo is for you or not. Coming across brands that are trusted and that you are familiar with will give you peace of mind that the expo is likely to provide good content. It is also a very good idea to look into the values of some of these brands as this will give you an even deeper insight into the value of the expo hosts.


Researching previous events is a great way to determine the success of a company’s endeavours. Looking at past event highlights, social media interaction from past events and press reviews will give you a good insight into how reputable the company is, how they interact with their audience and if they deliver.


Reading testimonials about past events or any other experiences and interactions people have had with a certain company is the best way to see how respected they are. The opinions of real people provide helpful, unbiased accounts which will allow you to judge whether or not you are willing to invest in the company or not.

While research prior to attending any expo is important, it is difficult to know exactly how an event will turn out before the day. The main thing you can do as a consumer is to be prepared. Know what questions you want to ask and who you want to see to ensure that you leave feeling content that you took full advantage and soaked up as much information as possible.

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